Regarding Engagement Shoots

I got inspired to write this post after seeing this one while browsing Green Wedding Shoes this morning. Two very frequent questions I get from future brides are why engagement photos are necessary and if I have any ideas regarding location or theme. 

Engagement photos aren't necessary. But they are a ton of fun. Most people don't spend much time being photographed by a professional. Everyone is more or less used to being photographed, sure, but with cell phones, small point-and-shoots, heck, even iPads. So I find that engagement shoots are an excellent way for a couple to get used to being in front of a somewhat intimidating-looking piece of machinery. On your big day, the last thing you want to be jittery about is being photographed. Do an engagement shoot with your wedding photographer and by the time your wedding rolls around you'll feel comfortable with them and how they work, comfortable getting photographed with your future spouse, and you'll be able to relax and have fun! Plus, the photos are fun to have so you can shout your love from the social media rooftops and use them for Save the Dates! The possibilities are endless. 

So now you've made the smart decision to get engagement photos done. Excellent. And you'd like to know if your photographer has any ideas about location or theme of the shoot. Personally, I don't mind coming up with ideas for locations -- if I pick what we're doing and where we're going, at least I know I'll enjoy my surroundings. But will you? Trust me when I say that the more you put into the shoot, the more you'll get out of it. Which is why the blog post I linked at the beginning is such a great read. Have a mutual hobby? Great. Incorporate that into your photos. Do you have a location that's really meaningful to you? Go back there with your photographer! Getting married in the country? Do your shoot in an urban location! Bring props, an outfit change, your dog, balloons, costumes, whatever! The more you go wild, the better and more interesting the photos will be. And, most importantly, they will truly speak to the nature of your relationship.

So go give that post a read, and have a great time being photographed with your sweetheart!